How much will you spend?

(Nothing Initially).


You will spend nothing for the Initial Consultation, the process of evaluation that is used to initially see if we are right for you.





Whatever you agree to, you will be able to manage costs.


Our agreements are structured so that they are reasonable before costs are incurred. It is why we spend some time discussing your relationship with us before you engage us. Sometimes it isn't just about aggressive reputation or affordable representation, but about planned representation.


Let us plan our future, and make it clear together.


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Fees and Costs

Your Agreement is your guide.


A client's fees and other costs are explained explicitly and expressly in your Engagement Agreement with us. We rely on you understanding it, so that we can do our job.


Please read it. It creates and governs your relationship with us as a client, and answers most questions.


This website, and your use of it, is governed by This Website and You. You are not a client or prospective client by contacting us or using this website.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Hourly rates aren't the only option.


How and when you can pay is important to determining if you can hire a competent attorney. Depending on your needs, and our ethical obligations, we offer alternative fee arrangements other than the traditional hourly fee.


We can predict your litigation or transactional fees more accurately for straightforward issues with little opposition.  These type of legal issues lend themselves to Fixed Fees or Limited Service Arrangements.


Fixed FeesRetainer of TimeContingency FeesLimited Service ArrangementsDeposit or Security of FeesPlanned Fee Payment


Factors in Fees

Why we would charge less or more than others.


The follow relevant factors may govern how we determine our fee in any of our Attorney Client Agreements:


1. The time limitations imposed on us by the client or by the circumstances;


2. The likelihood that the acceptance of the particular employment will preclude other employment;


3. The time and labor required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill required to perform the legal service properly;


4. The needed ability, resources, reputation, or experience to resolve the matter;


5. The form of the fee for instance, if the fee is fixed, contingent, hourly, or an alternative form of a fee arrangement;


6. The amount involved and the results sought or obtained;


7. The fee regularly charged for similar services; and/or


8. The nature and length of the relationship with the client.

Hint #1

We like "free" things, just like you.


Yes, the initial consultation is free, as in no cost.


Additionally if possible, we will suggest a "pro bono" alternative not only for the public good, but  also so that you have a choice.


Hint #2

Prepared clients reduce their expenses.


1. Prepare for meetings and phone calls. We sell our time and effort, so make a list of the topics you wish to discuss before you call so you don't forget important points. If you can, let us know your questions by email before you call.


2. Be organized and clear. We spend more time productively thinking about your file if you initially gather important documents, write a short chronology of events, and clearly explain the problem.


3. Ask us what work you can do. You are one of our best resources and can eliminate costs by being responsive to our requests for information or reducing our costs because of your expertise or resources.


4. Listen to us. We will give you a choice, bur realize part of what you are paying for is reasonable and objective advice. Large legal bills are sometimes the result of clients losing track of time or ignoring advice. Like you, we like results which make you happy.


5. Not every principle is worth litigating over, though some are. Be truthful with yourself about your goals. Don't let your pride get in the way of what you actually want (unless respect is actually what you want).


6. Be truthful. If you don't tell us the truth, it will cost you more because we will have to find out the truth


Hint #3

Sooner is usually less costly.


The earlier you plan for risk, the less likely litigation costs or transactional costs will be driven by outside forces.

Some General Policies

We actually listen to our clients.


Our Initial Consultation is free, our legal services are not.


You will know what you can be charged for beforehand.


We enjoy fixing your problems, but do not want to be one of them.


We do not bill clients for us to explain fees. They can pick up the phone and call us (or email us).


We love reducing costs for our potential clients and current clients.

We routinely give better quality services than we let on. We invest in listening to our clients, and in thinking smarter.


We give individual clients the same consideration as our sophisticated corporate clients. For instance, we hammer out the details of our relationship with clients in our Attorney-Client Agreement. We could spend less time drafting such a document and make it shorter. We don't. It is worth our time to build a relationship with you.


Your Agreement with us is our guide as well.

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