Employment and Business Law for

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Virtual, Mobile, and Cost Effective


Our office is primarily virtual. Traditionally, lawyers were shackled to their law offices. If a lawyer wanted to make or receive calls, he used the office land-line. If a lawyer wanted to read his mail, then he picked it up at the office. If he wanted to review a client file, then he retrieved it from the office storage area.


But technology has freed lawyers from the shackles of an office and the client from the cost of a large part of the overhead. Smart phones, laptops, and cloud based storage allow lawyers to receive calls, read mail, and access client information from anywhere at any time. As a practical matter, lawyers increasingly rely on technology to best serve their clients.


Though an ever increasing number of lawyers relies primarily on mobile technologies and electronic communication, most still maintain expensive offices where they rarely meet with clients. We don’t do that.


We realize we can reduce our overhead and our fees - without affecting the level of service we provide to our clients – by abandoning the physical office. We still retain conference rooms to meet face-to-face with clients and we maintain a physical mailing address, but we don’t maintain a physical office at those locations.