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Business Law

Practice Area Focus


Businesses and our firm work together as a team to spot opportunities and risks linked to a transaction or activity.  Together we create competitive advantages that build brands and secure the goose that lays the golden egg.




1. We pursue proactive relationships with clients. By engaging in earnest conversation early on, our attorneys know what makes your business profitable and you know where we see opportunities not only to control your legal costs, but to allow businesses to pursue their goals profitably.


2. We expect our clients to be in on the magic trick of making a profit.  We build informed leaders who take the middle path between abandoning responsibility for legal choices, and making choices intentionally ignorant of the legal opportunities and risks. We always give candid advice so that leaders can lead.


3. We control costs by efficient risk assessment. There is often no clear right answer to some types of decisions. The challenge is to know enough to minimize the chance of adverse consequences while maximizing the potential for profitability.


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