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General Guide


Please note, this website is meant as a general guide.


Your actual relationship is governed by your agreements with us, such as You & This Website and your individual Engagement Agreement with our firm.

The Right Fit


See if we are a right fit.


Meet us.  Talk to us.  Contact us.

Ask and Inquire

Free Consultation


We provide a free initial consultation over the phone, in person, or even at a quiet coffee shop of your choosing.


We are flexible in meeting inquiring users, prospective clients, or clients


Step 1

Contact us

Inquiring with us about your general legal problem allows you to see what types of services we can offer you.


We understand that you need an attorney who complements your personality and how you address problems and stress.

Perhaps more importantly, you do not have any obligations to us by your general inquiries leaving you space to decide if you want to talk to an attorney


You won't become our prospective client or client without more actions from you.


Ask and Inquire

Initial Consultation

Step 2

We let you know you how to proceed including client confidentiality, our other duties, and our fees. We give you an opportunity to tell us what happened and what is going on.  We may ask some follow-up questions and interupt to ask for clarification.  Lastly we may discuss general legal options and next steps to take if you want to become our client and have us render legal opinions.

If we can help you, you have the choice of hiring us. If you don't, after the initial consultation you remain a prospective client.


We like clarity and honesty.  We discuss price and payment options considering the circumstances before you enter into an agreement with us, and can craft simple hourly arrangements or more tailored agreements.

Step 3

Become Our Client


We give our clients the same advice we would give our families.


We explain things clearly.


We level with you.


We have your best interests at heart.


We will passionately represent you.

You become a client only after signing an explicit written agreement.


You will understand our fees.


You will know your and our responsibilities.


You will have direct contact with your attorney who will answer any questions about the process.

Stay Informed

Step 4

It is as simple as it should be.


You will have our direct lines, and we will update you regularly by the means you request.