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Economics and power drive employment decisions for both employees and businesses. Sometimes, however, personalities complicate those decisions.

Whether we’re litigating an employment claim or negotiating an employment agreement, we empower our clients by toning down the rhetoric and looking past personality conflicts to find the best practical solutions for the problems they face.

We help people with a broad range of work-related issues, like:


• Employment Discrimination & Harassment

• Employment Contracts & Non-Compete Agreements

• Unpaid Wages & Overtime

• Whistleblowing and Retaliation

• Medical Leave

• Equal Pay Claims

• Termination & Separation Agreements

• Disability & Reasonable Accommodation

• Defamation and Slander

• Fiduciary Duties





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Many employment law claims have very short time limitations - some as little as 180 days - in which employment decisions must be addressed.  Employees who sit back and let employer violations mount up often find themselves out of luck when they finally try to address problems.  If you are experiencing a work-related problem, you should considering contacting an attorney sooner rather to fully protect your rights.