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Like nearly three million other people, we work and live in the City of Chicago.  And although much of our practice focuses on Business and Employment Law, we also offer legal services and educational presentations regarding a variety of matters facing people who living and work in Chicago.


Chicago Legal Series – Pro Bono Presentations


Our Chicago Legal Series was inspired by our strong commitment to provide legal services aimed meeting the needs of our Chicago neighbors.  Consistent with that commitment, we enjoy offering free presentations to the general public.   Our Chicago Legal Series pro bono presentations focus on the legal and practical aspects of everyday subjects such as:


• How to Avoid or Challenge a Parking Ticket;

• Renting an Apartment;

• Dealing with a Difficult Landlord;

• Starting a Chicago Business,

• Bicycle Safety and Liability;

• What it Means to Be an Independent Contractor;

• Basic Negotiation Training;

• How Lawyers Read Contracts.


If your community or non-profit organization is open to the general public and you are interested a presentation on a topic that provides a public benefit to Chicagoans, please contact us regarding our pro bono presentations.


Chicago Legal Series – Fee Based Services


It is impossible to list all the unique legal problems that Chicagoans face, but common problems we help Chicagoans address include:


• Landlord Tenant issues

• Parking Tickets

• Business Startup and Licensing Requirements

• Public Education Issues, including Special Education and Expulsion

• Public Utilities Issues

• Health and Disability Advocacy


Our fee based services regarding these problems range from providing simple advice and guidance on how navigate through administrative and regulatory matters to providing representation in administrative hearings, appealing administrative rulings, and court proceedings.


We enjoy when our potential clients qualify for our pro bono or lower cost representation. However please note that the nature of some cases involve deterring the opponent through having them pay the costs of litigation and our fees. In these cases, almost everyone wins (including justice).





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We provide clear direction for tenants and free evaluations for their claims.


We apply a comprehensive understanding of contractual interpretation and residential landlord tenant laws to our clients' cases.


We listen to our clients and negotiate when appropriate, but litigate when needed.


Start through our Security Deposit portal by sending us materials, learning about the process, and asking us to screen your case by filling out our intake form.

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(Our clients know their costs, and they have access to competent representation irrespective of their income.)






As stated, we give presentations for free or pro bono (for the public good) at select venues. Our calendar of presentations will be available over the next few weeks so that you can sign up. In the meantime, feel free to email us at to request a spot at a presentation.


Our next presentation (date to be determined) will be on...

Security Deposits



Looking at Tenants and Landlords rights,  protecting those rights, and why litigation is a good thing for tenants and negotiation is even better.


Hint: It involves getting great help, and getting justice.


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