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Businesses frequently express frustration that attorneys are out of touch about the practical needs and costs of competition. They are seen as get out of jail free cards, nay sayers, and authoritative conservative arrogant intimidating know-it-alls. Fortunately for our clients, we are not these attorneys.


While we shoot straight, we are more than hired guns. We think the relationship between businesses and legal counsel can be done better.


Businesses and our firm work together as a team to spot opportunities and risks linked to a transaction or activity.  Together we create competitive advantages that build brands and secure the goose that lays the golden egg.




1. We pursue proactive relationships with clients. By engaging in earnest conversation early on, our attorneys know what makes your business profitable and you know where we see opportunities not only to control your legal costs, but to allow businesses to pursue their goals profitably.


2. We expect our clients to be in on the magic trick of making a profit.  We build informed leaders who take the middle path between abandoning responsibility for legal choices, and making choices intentionally ignorant of the legal opportunities and risks. We always give candid advice so that leaders can lead.


3. We control costs by efficient risk assessment. There is often no clear right answer to some types of decisions. The challenge is to know enough to minimize the chance of adverse consequences while maximizing the potential for profitability.


We focus on servicing the needs of driven owners and upper management. We like innovators, who make, build, and struggle to improve the world. We like dreamers, who see ways to delight their customers. We like fixers, who pick themselves up after being knocked down and help others stand on their own two feet.


We let our clients run their business and inform them so that they can wisely choose when to take risk so that they can make a profit, and when they shouldn't take a risk because it isn't profitable. This process of education allows driven owners to realize their goals and build relationships.


We provide guidance in the selection of the appropriate form of legal entities to correspond to how the business works and to minimize future costs. We lay out proper procedures that must be followed to comply with the operational rules of the entity.


We acclimate the client to the steps that need to be taken to form and organize a business and  the corporate governance requirements, ongoing duties, and responsibilities to employees by directors officers, and shareholders.


Our business law practice areas touch on other legal areas including, but not limited to: Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law, Antitrust law, Sales of Goods, International Trade, and Securities Laws.


For instance, we may develop a strategy to protect intellectual property. We may give advice on the practicalities of getting the business running such as commercial leases, permits, and licensing that apply to the specific type of business. We may negotiate or memorialize the commercial transactions of the business. We may improve your bottom line by changing the way you interact with your employees. We may reduce your legal liability by looking at how you advertise and what could be misconstrued.


Our role frequently changes as time goes by and the business enters into different phases of growth and change. In many instances it extends beyond the legal factors to include business and economic advice, including candid appraisals of the hurdles that need to be overcome to be successful, the risks involved, and the opportunities for growth.


We rely on getting to know you and your business personally. We take the time to understand how and why you will make money and we structure our advice both to promote your success and your better nature.


We structure contracts to promote agreement by the parties and enforcement by the courts. We make them easy to read, to minimize legal costs when enforcing them. We educate our clients so that they avoid mistakes, rather than accumulate them. In doing so we promote a more efficient and healthy relationship between our clients and ourselves.





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Some, not all, of the things we can do for you.


Business Formation and Counseling


Venture Capital Documents like

Term Sheets, Stock Purchase Agreements, Certificates of Incorporation, Investor Rights Agreements, Voting Agreements, Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement, Management Rights Letter, Indemnification Agreements.


Minimizing Directors and Officers Liability.


Release Agreements.


Complex Contracts.


Simple Contracts.

Draft and Negotiate Corporate Agreements.


Confidentiality Agreements, Standstill Agreements, Letters of Intent, & Exclusivity Agreements.


Acquisition Agreements.


Stockholder and Equity Agreements.


Employment Agreements.


Credit and Indenture Agreements.


Legal Opinions.





We are about managing relationships.


Relationships are built on communication. Most businesses hope that their employees fight for their business. That they struggle to get the job done no matter what the conditions, and that above all they are profitable.


Yet this type of loyalty is hard to find for most businesses. Soldiers don't fight an enemy effectively if you are imprecise about where they should go. They don't invest time if you don't care for their needs. If they don't trust you, they will not follow you.


How do you get employees, consumers, and other businesses to trust you?


There are three basic techniques that businesses use:


1. They coerce others with threats and punishment,

2. they induce others with payments, or

3. they effectively make others work to the goals of a business by creating an understanding between the parties.


To put this another way, although we don't advise it, you can threaten anyone, you can pay anyone, but understanding why people invest their time and effort into things other than their obvious self interest, requires spending time realizing what is their actual self interest. This co-opting of self interest allows businesses to trust others and ironically properly evaluate the effectiveness of coercion or inducements.


So why do you need us?


We believe in making systems with a cohesive voice. We believe that people should not only be motivated by the rough choices of inducement and coercion, but be persuaded by words coupled with good faith actions.


We believe in building trust rather than inviting betrayal. We like our clients to have a clear voice to command through charisma and reputation rather than needing to demand attention.


We do this by serving your interests. We listen upon your behalf. We persuade to your benefit. We plan for the worst. We encourage the best. And we do it in a structured strategic manner to build your reputation.


Why would you want us?


Because we believe in doing things that actually work.