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** We suggest communicating with any attorney using a secure method, rather than an employer's email or phone system (if they are a concern, if they monitor employees, or if confidential information is at stake).  We are happy to suggest highly secure methods of communication for interested clients.

*The best way to initially contact us is the Inquiry Form below. You may phone or email us as well.


 We ask you give us just enough information so that we can pursue an initial consultation. We can perform initial consultations over the phone. Without more from us you will only be an inquiring party. You will be notified by us when you become a prospective client (after the screening process during the initial interview) and when you are a client (by an express written agreement). We don't accept clients over the phone, by email, or by mail etc. except in exceptional circumstances, and then we still will require an express written agreement.


Please see You & This Website for a clear explanation of these terms and conditions.